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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Old Point Comfort

So sad to leave Jean and Floyd at Deltaville, plus our buddies on Motu and Casa Blanca in the boat yard, but we must move south.  This stay we also got to go to the residences of Bill and Chris (Plover – I tell people to you have to go to Nova Scotia to meet people from Mathews), Wayne and Susan at their bed and breakfast in White Stone, and Bill and Kate (Steadfast) in their temporary housing also in Mathews).  It was fun to introduce Jean and Floyd (born here’s) to some of these folks (come here’s). 

Today we were among friends departing Deltaville and sailing down the Chesapeake in lively northwest winds.  Baloo, Five and Dime and Tilt were all in the crowd, and many more I have never met.  We dropped anchor just after 3 pm and just forward of Five and Dime.

Myron sprained his wrist so I was on for the sailing with a little one-handed help.  I was rigging the preventer for the main and did not keep an eye on the jib line.  The jib whipped through a jib and caught me across the nose.  It smarted pretty good.  I held it for a while, wondering if I broke it, but the blood was only coming from the outside.  It will be healed by tomorrow.  Seems like the only time I do not get injured is when I am asleep.

I need to finish preparing dinner and rest up from today’s adventures.

Love to all,

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