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Friday, March 27, 2015

More Pictures Up

Jay was kind enough to let us use his high speed internet.  Myron has been working on orders for our punch list.  I have been looking for a car and posting photos on Picasa.  Check out the new photos on the photo gallery link to the right and look for 03.15.15 Eleuthera Island.

Everybody is so busy around here, we cannot seem to arrange a time to eat some of the fish we caught.  Myron and I can do fine whittled down the inventory by ourselves.  If you recall, we caught two cow mahi's, 33" and 41", and one bull mahi at almost 55".  Here he is:

Hold Fast at anchor in Governor's Harbor after sunset:

Go enjoy!

We are looking for a weather window to return to the states.  We paid for a mooring in eastern harbor at MOW Cay through Wednesday morning, April 1.

Love to all,

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