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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Staged at Royal Harbor

It was a shorter stay in Hatchet Bay than we expected. We returned on the dates given us by the former principal, but the new principal told us the children were taking exams all week. There was nothing for us to do. Further, there is no children's program at church on Tuesday nights until after Easter.

Still, we had a wonderful time of worship with our friends at St. Stephens Baptist Church and met new cruisers while in the harbor. The harbor was quite packed, twenty or near twenty boats every night. On Monday night, our last night there, we took a late walk in town and chatted with Fergie, Brother David and Mr. Smith until 9 pm. I was thankful for the encounter as it felt like we had closure before we left.

Today's travel was all about repositioning on the other side of Current Cut. We had hoped to stay on the west side of Current Cut, but the winds were still too strong out of the NNW and sending rollers into the anchorage. As a result, we are at Royal Harbor, with sixteen other boats. Our hope is that the weather forecast holds for SE winds and we head across the Northeast Providence Channel back up to the Abacos. Our plan is to leave early, around 3 am, to make it to Man-O-War Cay by or before 4 pm.

Time to get some sleep for a very early rise.

Love to all,

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