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Friday, March 20, 2015

Overnight at Governor's Harbor

That was a nice stay at Rock Sound, even though the wind was almost always out of the south or west, it was rarely over 12 knots. We met with the principal at the primary school on Tuesday and he set us up right away assisting the 4th and 5th grade teachers with math. Our first day of teaching we were going to find a place to get lunch, then the teachers invited us to eat with them as they had done a potluck. BBQ chicken and peas and rice. Fantastic food! I made oatmeal raisin/cranberry/pineapple cookies and brought two dozen to the teacher's lounge the next day. They were gone in less than 10 minutes. I was instructed to bring the recipe. We only taught through Thursday as there was an island-wide sports day for kids. We enjoyed ourselves and got to see the "math light" come on for some of the kids. That is always rewarding.

Our trip to Governor's Harbor today was not attended by much wind. As a result, we motor sailed while topping off the water tanks. It took three tries to get a grab in the horrible holding at this harbor. If the winds were anything but light, we would have moved on, but they have gone 4 knots or less tonight, so we should be just fine.

We got lunch at Pammie's, our favorite restaurant here. By the time we arrived, she was out of ribs and BBQ chicken, but not out of crayfish rice. I had grouper and Myron had conch. Our friend Brian, who does not like conch, said he liked that conch. There you go, a plug for Pammie's. Just before sunset, we ran out of data on our phone, interrupting communications with family. We went ashore to put some money on our account and paused in the dinghy to watch the sunset - another green flash! After we dealt with the phone, we wandered down to the Friday Fish Fry near Cupid's Cay. It was packed. Before we got back to the boat, the DJ had the music cranked up and it appears to be the beginnings of quite a party. No worries, we do not hear much when we are down below.

We have somehow gotten ourselves into a herd. We are hoping most of these boats will move along before we get to Hatchet Bay. Since we will be there for a bit with the school and church, we think we might fool around somewhere between here and there tomorrow. We are interested in checking out an old US Navy Base just north of us on the east side of the island. If the weather works out perfect, maybe it will happen.

Until then, love to all,

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