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Saturday, March 14, 2015

South Anchorage - Norman's Cay

It seemed everyone in Black Point decided to do the laundry the same day and time as me. I just assumed I would make a day of it - plus the laundromat is a great place to meet new friends and run into old ones. We did see GG on Salty Turtle, Chris and Craig on Tilt, and met a young couple out on a Hunter 29. I tried to start washing before 10 am, but had to wait for washers to open, then same with driers. I finished just before 2 pm, at which time we could finally have a leisurely lunch with Brian and Jane on Pilgrim, another Whitby42. We also met some folks that left San Francisco 20 years ago, spent 17 years in the Pacific and have been hanging out in the Bahamas for the last two years. They are just as freaked out about the shallow water here as Myron and I used to be. Nothing like the Pacific Coast! They did not have a card, so their names have already escaped me, but their boat name is 'Constance,' and their draft is 6'8".

There was a good deal of boats in the anchorage. It made docking the dinghy a challenge, but we all got along pretty well. Poor Mrs. Adderly. She would get a shipment of goods into her store and the cruisers would just about empty her out the same day.

Today was another fantastic sail. We did not use the engine enough to heat water for a shower; that is why we have the propane water heater. I commented to Myron about how much traffic was out and about - large (75+ foot) motor yachts and many sailboats of all shapes and sizes, going both north and south. Myron reminded me how strong the east and southeast winds have been for the last couple of weeks. People are anxious to get out of their anchorage at last and continue with their journeys.

Upon arrival at this anchorage, I made cream of crab soup from crab meat I found in our freezer. I guess it pays to run out of normal food. The weather is a little hot for soup, but it tastes so good, who cares.

Our hope is that the winds will die down tonight, and stay light out of the south for as long as it takes to go fishing and cross the Exuma Sound to Eleuthera. We are praying for fish since the locker is empty. Last time we ran out, we wanted grouper and ended up with lobster. The Lord provides in different ways.

Love to all,

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