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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Better Late Than Never

This morning we had a little indecision about leaving. The wind was up more than we expected and the predominant swell was about four feet. We were not sure what seas we would get from these on and off winds. We finally decided that there was just too little confidence in the forecast for Friday, so we set out, just later than normal. As a result of our initial delay combined with slower progress due to wind and seas, we knew we would be arriving after dark. We were not worried, we left Royal Harbor in the dark last year and did just fine. We decided to press on and anchor near Current Cut to position ourselves for tomorrow. It is a more open roadstead, but we like getting a little fresh air. Royal Harbor can get a little sticky hot.

One benefit of the less than favorable weather was that we did not have the sea grass until about six miles out of Egg Island (the inlet). For the first time in all our crossings of the Northeast Providence Channel, we caught a mahi mahi. She was quite a fighter. Only about three feet but she fought like the 4+ footers we caught in the past. Given how rough it was, we wanted to her get all that fight out of the way before we brought her on board. Thank goodness there were no sharks around to take her from us.

I cooked up a lunch of fresh mahi mahi, batatas (sweet potatoes), onions, and sweet peppers. We are very thankful for the catch and have a couple more meals to go.

Our bright light came in handy tonight to light up the bottom as I wanted to make sure that I dropped the hook in sand. After we set the snubber (a line that goes from a cleat on the boat to the anchor chain to dampen pull) I looked for the chain with the light. We had snapped back over the anchor and could view the amchor at night, well dug in! That always helps us sleep well.

Time for a shower and a movie.

Love to all,

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