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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rudder Cay

While it is not our first time to transit Rudder Cay, it is our first time anchoring here for the night. It is a bit shallow around here, but we managed to find a spot, with mostly sand, a bit of distance from the shore. We moved on from Black Point after we received an email from Ida that she and Terrance were in Nassau to attend a funeral for two ladies from Black Point. The folks that would attend and conduct church services in Black Point are with Ida in Nassau and the laundromat is of course closed. The town is basically gone and when they return they will be in mourning. Best that we move on for now and hope to see Ida and gang on our way north.

We never did launch the dinghy at Black Point. Over 20 knots of wind makes it difficult to lift over the side. Besides, a high free-board vessel like Hold Fast takes the strong weather just fine, which can be deceiving. Once you get down at water level in an eight foot dinghy, you question your sanity for wanting to take the 'jeep' (as we sometimes call the dink) somewhere in such bad weather.

Leaving today, after all of yesterday's wind, did not give much hope for a smooth ride through any cut. As we approached Galliot Cut, it was clear it would be much more fun to travel down the inside. Cave Cay Cut presented the same display. Myron braved the shallows to get us to Rudder Cay. We shall see what tomorrow brings and what direction we go. By the way, Musha Cay now looks like a resort. I think it can be rented out for a week for some astronomical figure, or you could just be really good friends with a certain magic man.

Time for some rest.

Love to all,

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