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Saturday, December 19, 2015

When Is That Front Coming?

After exploring around Rat and Pigeon Cays by dinghy and foot yesterday, we put the dinghy on deck and tidied up Hold Fast for a trip down the Exuma Sound. It was hot and we were sweating. Although it was tempting, we discussed the wisdom of skipping a swim so late in the day. As we continued to prepare Hold Fast, I saw a huge needle-fish doing a tail walk across the water and shouted for Myron to look. We were admiring the distance that fish was making and then we saw the dark fin and accompanying wake of what looked like a bull shark chasing it. The shark was successful and somehow the entire event became much less entertaining.

We make our plans to move, or not move, based upon a forecaster adjusted grib from NOAA, among other things such as 24, 48 and 72 hour surface forecasts. Everything kept lining up for the front to pass near our area around noon. That is why we staged at Rat Cay, which protected us from the relentless SE winds but is rather exposed from the north. Every time I could feel the boat's bow swing last night, I would wake up to see which way we were pointing and whether the winds had come early and foiled our plans. To the contrary, we had mild winds from the east when we pulled anchor, raised the main and headed for the cut. Rat Cay Cut was in its last two hours of ebb, with only about a two foot swell. One of our easiest transitions. Once we got underway, the winds got brisk and we figured the cold front would catch us on the cut into Georgetown. But in the short three hour trip on the Exuma Sound, we never saw winds over 12 knots. Our new friends, Bob and Liz on 'Arapesh,' a Beneteau 411, made the trip down with us.

Once in Elizabeth Harbour, we were shocked to see so much of the Monument anchorage wide open. We rarely get any space there. We took advantage of it and anchored next to Hamilton on 'Sarah G,' launched the jeep and made the long trip to town for much needed supplies (food). Julien had his BBQ going, but it was too early to get jerk chicken or ribs. We purchased some ground beef and buns and made green chili cheese burgers back on the boat instead. We rushed back to beat the winds, which can make Elizabeth Harbour difficult in a dinghy. We have eaten, napped and still no front yet. We are getting our second squall and the winds are increasing. It is probably around the corner. It is so nice to be in!

Love to all,

{GMST}23°31.61'N|075°46.02'W|12/19/2015|4:52 PM{GEND}

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