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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Laundry Time

As it seems to go, I am always ready to get some laundry done by the time we reach Black Point. We moved over to the west side of Norman's Cay near sunset yesterday, based upon a forecast of strong winds out of the NE. It was probably going to be a lumpy night no matter where we anchored. A number of boaters complained about it this morning. At about 4 am, we were both up for different reasons. We stepped outside to take a gander at our position. I happened to see a really large meteorite, or falling star. I kept watching. In the course of 20 minutes I saw about 20 more. At one time, I saw three in 15 seconds. We have not seen such clear skies in quite a while, and then for it to put on such a show. It was all something to behold.

At 6:30 am we were pulling up anchor and working out of the coral heads for room to raise the main sail. It was a wonderful sail, about 40 miles. It began with a broad reach and ended with a tight reach as we continued to arc around the shallows and into this anchorage. We had a few rain storms along the way but kept full sails up and were pressing along over seven knots. We were hit by a squall shortly after anchoring here at Black Point. The winds are really up so we have yet to launch the dinghy. Maybe it happens today, maybe tomorrow. It would be nice to go for a walk and purchase some laundry tokens as I will not be able to purchase them on Sunday. There is always Monday - which is the proper attitude to have in the Bahamas mon.

There are only about eight boats here. Last year we heard there was 105 boats. The weather has not permitted many boaters to get across the Gulf Stream since we crossed.

Since the latest squall arrived, we have not had internet. Maybe this will get posted soon.

Love to all,

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