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Friday, December 4, 2015

Long But Pleasant Day

We rose early, before first light, so we could transit Current Cut well before sunrise. We entered the cut about 2 hours after ebb tide began, which probably gave us about 3 knots against us at the throat. Hold Fast pushed through just fine and soon we were on the banks headed for tonight's destination. We spent enough hours in route to get a full range of weather. From watching a thunderstorm east of Spanish Wells at sunrise, to a light wind and dazzling sunlight that made the sea sparkle like diamonds (I think I shall call that 'sea diamonds' from now on), and finally a misting rain as we were anchoring.

We made water today, over 100 gallons to top off both saddle tanks. There are not many other boats out here. We only saw two other boats during the day and there were only two boats anchored in Rock Sound when we arrived.

Tomorrow we will seek out the pastor who wanted some help. For now, though, it is time for fish, shower and a show.

Love to all,

{GMST}24°52.16'N|076°09.89'W|12/4/2015|4:31 PM{GEND}

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