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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cumberland Island

Yay!  We love it when we get to this island, although the weather this time of year does not always conform to our plans.  Right after anchoring, we managed to launch the dinghy, mount the engine, etc., go pick up Stephen and Marja on Motu, and squeeze in a walk on the island before sunset.  The horses were right on the trail just before the beach on the Atlantic side.  It really is a pretty island.  But we are not alone.  There must be over 20 boats anchored in here with us.

It is also nice not to be dressed in multiple layers.   When we were in Broad Creek last Tuesday night, I told Myron it was not rain I was hearing hit the deck.  My curiosity was strong enough to get me out of bed and into the cockpit to investigate.  It was corn snow, something we are familiar with back in California.  Not hail, more of a tightly packed bunch of snow flakes.  It was THAT cold in North Carolina.  When we got up the next morning to move to Morehead City and stage for our trip south, it was still very cold.  I wear waterproof insulated gloves when taking up the anchor and hosing the mud off the deck, and it took quite some time to warm my hands up and relieve the pain of the cold.  Clearly I am thrilled to be 360 miles south, practically to Florida.  The low tonight will be 68, a civilized temperature.  We do have a cold front coming through tomorrow and the low will be down to 54.  It makes me laugh because we could only hope for 54 as a high last week.

I am not sure how long we will be here.  I must admit I am glad we do not have to pull up anchor and start moving at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  A couple days of rest may be in order.

Hopefully the isolated thunderstorms in the forecast just leave us alone tonight and tomorrow.

Love to all,

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