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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Edenton to Columbia – Albemarle Sound

Edenton is a charming, clean and historic town.  We certainly left the herd and were the ONLY cruisers there.  We were helped with the lines when we arrived, given a bag of goodies and information about the town, and given access to the city truck loaned out to marina guests.  We paid our $6 for two days of electricity and were off in the loaner truck to consume some east coast Mexican food, which our friendly waiter told us was cooked by a couple of Guatemalans.  No it was not the good stuff we get in New Mexico, but met the basic need.  The internet was great and I continued my efforts to get my computer back to pre-virus shape.  Picasa is back up and running, but I am still a bit of work away from sharing pictures.
Edenton’s 1925 ‘Taylor Twin Theater’ was playing Captain Phillips and another movie for $7 each, but the show only opens on Friday so we were out of luck.  We could not find a good, affordable seafood restaurant like Quality Seafood in Elizabeth City, so we settled for ‘309 Bistro’ and had lunch.  I must say that any town is at a disadvantage when following an Elizabeth City act.  It was a joy to meet the owner of a Christian bookstore that knows Dan and Kathy back in Elizabeth City.  We had two very peaceful nights at Edenton.
The winds were not entirely favorable for our trip today, but not too bad.  We had to motor sail once we were east of the overhead cables until we turned right to go up the Scuppernong River.  We dropped the sails before we entered the narrow channel off the Albemarle Sound.  Narrow it was as we literally felt our way around until we figured out our Garmin chart needed updating to show the channel a little to the west.  Poor Hold Fast had to plow mud today.  That does not bode well for our new bottom paint.
We are now at Columbia’s town dock, which is free for three days.  We checked in with the Town Manager and got some of the local restaurant scoop.  This is a much smaller town and less ‘touristy’ than Edenton, and also no internet.  The restaurant known for its seafood is not open until tomorrow so today we took in the lunch specials at ‘Mike’s Restaurant.’  It was good food at very affordable prices.  We walked around this tiny town, then hit the library to get a library card, use the internet and check out a movie.   This town has an old theater as well.  Rather than cinema, it has been dedicated to showing nature and environmental movies.
Our last stop was at the Visitor’s Center for a town map and to get the latest information on the man overboard from last Sunday.  We knew Sunday that his dog was still on the boat, which was found adrift.  While in Edenton, we found out he was 40 years old, has three young children, that his wife had asked for prayer on Facebook, and that the search had been called off Sunday night.  Usually these things end better, but I am sorry to share with you that divers recovered his body Monday.  At least his wife has a resolution.  The water is about 64-65 degrees.  Sunday was a rough day, as noted we had been triple reefed.  We try to stress to others the importance of wearing a life vest in such open waters.  Please pray for that man’s family.
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