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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Elizabeth City Wharf

It was easy to take the first lock of the day, we simply untied from the wall and moved into the lock when we saw the green light.  There were at least three dead heads (large logs adrift, not rock band fans) and one downed tree on our route to Elizabeth City.  All navigatable. The fall colors were on grand display, we could not have asked for a better scene.  The wind was 15 to 20 knots.  As a result, I do not believe the colorful leaves will be left on the trees much longer.  

There were only two of us in the lock and both of us headed for Elizabeth City’s wharf.  The other boat passed us at the very end and was first at the bridge.  The bridge acknowledged that there were two boats.  After the first boat went through, they thanked the bridge tender and told him they were clear.  We were less than 30 yards from the bridge when we heard the alarm go off and the bridge began to close.  That is some serious adrenaline.  Poor Hold Fast was slammed in reverse, all 80 horses brought to bear, and Myron got her stopped, albeit sideways.  We thank God the wind was against us.  The bridge tender immediately apologized, held the bridge partially opened and told us to come on through.  Myron asked him if he was sure.  Our usual “slip” was available at the wharf.  It was not a pretty landing in that wind, but who cares…I was still shaking from the bridge!  I handed the bow line to a man that I knew I knew.  I asked him to give me time to come up with his name.  He just pointed to his boat and I immediately realized it was Fred on the Nordic Tug ‘North Star.’  Gus (or Guster as I call him), the local greeter that helps boats in to the slips, also took our lines.  Nothing like reuniting with friends to help shake off a spooky experience.  We did excuse ourselves to go change our shorts.

I have added a new delicacy to my food likes.  Brad, you would be proud of me, Sabrina would be proud that I have not gotten sick.  It all started in Deltaville at Jacob’s (Floyd’s grandson) 30th birthday party.  Jacob’s sister, Helen Elizabeth, is a very popular caterer and naturally took charge of the party eats.  She made oyster stew and I gave it a try.  Oh my!!  Of course, her oyster stew, I was told, was exceptional.  I love clams and am used to their texture.  I had no idea the oysters were so tender.  It was a great introduction to a bad habit.  Yesterday at Quality Seafood in Elizabeth City, Myron’s seafood sampler had fried oysters.   Yummy!  Now I have regrets that we did not accept the Ward’s invitation to stay another week for the Oysterfest in Urbanna.  The gal at Quality Seafood said they would continue their special on oyster stew and fried oysters until the season ends.  We will have our own little oysterfest for the two days we are here!  I still have no desire for oysters on the half shell, I will leave that to Brad.

We do not normally share our plans, but…we are really hoping to get to Edenington for their 300th year township anniversary.  We made reservations for the, get this, free slip (other than $3/day for 30 amp electricity).  It is off the beaten path, going west on the Albemarle.  Hopefully the weather will be favorable and our next communication will be from that town.

Love to all,

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