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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Columbia to Manteo

Columbia was a great stay.  We would go back and do that again.  Especially now that we know the channel.  The folks were very friendly and glad they lived in a small town.  We had to get internet at the library.  I paid a $10 fee for an out-of-state library card, then we got all the internet and movie checkouts we wanted.  I put some pictures up on Picasa, see the photo gallery link to the right.  We were docked at the end of Main Street in Columbia.  Here is a view of Main Street from Hold Fast:

We could have stayed in Columbia another night but we were supposed to have west winds today to sail out to Manteo.  If the winds were west, they were the same velocity that we motored.  It rained the entire trip, a drizzle along with low visibility.  I have never seen the Albemarle so flat.  We expect winds to get near the twenties tonight, but we will be protected in this spot.

We took the 24 hour free city dock near the pump out station.  It is showing around six foot depth and hopefully it keeps several inches of water between Hold Fast and the bottom all night long.   The wind will still be cranking tomorrow, therefore we will anchor out, stay here another night and tackle that long channel to the south on a calmer day.

We just spoke with Bryan (Huli Makai, Baba 35) and are meeting him and Billy at the restaurant '1587' for a big sushi event.  Hopefully Chris will come as well. Wes comes in on a late flight tonight, maybe we will see him tomorrow.

We have not investigated the town yet.  Need to get cleaned up for dinner.  Will let you know what we find!

Love to all,

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