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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Yesterday we motor sailed to Baddeck, dropped anchor practically in the middle of the harbor - and started a trend. We can clearly see the Alexander Graham Bell Park/Museum from our anchor spot. I am not sure we will have time to visit during this stay. Baddeck seems nice enough. I must point out that the 20+ SW wind rips straight into the anchorage. We are glad the holding is good. So far in every anchorage, the winds die down to a slight breeze during the night, or quit altogether. Last night was no exception.

Yesterday was the first bad day for biting flies. Fortunately they fly rather slowly and our kill rate has been in the 90 percentile. As a result, I do not begrudge the wind. It keeps the flies away from the boat while we are at anchor.

The sailing school let loose their newbies in prams shortly after we arrived. Within 60 seconds of departing the docks, I observe a pram and a sailboat collide. On a couple of occasions we started to spring on deck to fend off the prams from hitting our hull, but instructors arrived in time to redirect. One pram turned into the wind to avoid us and the 20 knot winds pushed him backwards, filling the little boat with water. I hear 'help, help' and then watch the instructors arrive with a small bail bucket. At least the water is a tepid 66F and not 50F, but pride is pride.

Will send more news sometime after it actually happens.

Love to all,

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