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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

La Have River – Robin and Maggie’s Mooring

We are just north of the La Have River Yacht Club.  Simonne offered us her mooring, but we could not figure out which one it was.  We pulled up to a large mooring near her dock and motioned to the man on shore, asking in sign language which one should we take.  He pointed to the one nearest us.  When I tried to pull up a pennant, I realize none had been attached.  I looked back ashore and the man was holding up the pennant.  Question answered, no pennant.  We lassoed the mooring, launched the dinghy and Myron put a snap shackle on the mooring chain.  We were set.  We finished assembling the dinghy, came ashore and thanked the man for his help.  We introduced ourselves and I told him I assumed that Simonne had told him we were coming.  He said “no.”  Get that.  He does not even know who we are and he tells us to take his mooring.  Try that in the states. 

We got to know each other now!  I even bought Maggie’s book about her and Robin’s sailing adventures aboard their 50 foot sailing vessel ‘Orca.’  If you have heard of the Ansell’s, you know how the story ends in March, 1997 in the Coral Sea.

Time to read a book and get some rest.

Love to all,

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