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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MacDonalds Cove

Found more pictures to share. Here is one of Hold Fast hidden by the fog, taken from near the shore at Yankee Cove:

Here is a view from the other side of Yankee Cove - do you see her?  That is why we took the GPS with us on our dinghy adventure - so we could find Hold Fast again!

What a difference a sunny day makes.  Here is Hold Fast at anchor between two boats at the Crammond Islands.

This morning we strapped up our hiking boots and went in search for a trail at the Crammond Islands that would lead us to some ruins of a former farm.  We never could find a decent path into the island’s interior.  After several tries, we abandoned the idea and opted for lunch.  The other two boats left our little anchorage.  We were tempted to stay put, nice and secluded, but there is more we want to see, and we did not get our hiking fix yet.

We left the motor on the dinghy and pulled it to MacDonalds Cove, about an hour north.  It is near Marble Mountain, which is visibly obvious from most places on the larger lake given that the quarry scars have not healed over.  As we arrived, the only boat in the anchorage was leaving, giving us our choice of an anchor spot.  We are tucked in behind a natural gravel breakwater and quite pleased with this protected cove.  

We quickly headed out of the cove, past Clark's Cove and to the community maintained wharf and beached the dinghy in the adjacent sand.  If you bring a boat in here it is $7 per day to tie up.  Our goal was to find either a small store with an ice cream, or a trail, or both.  It was a hike just to get up to the highway.  We asked a woman working on the flowers at the community center.  She apologized for their lack of a store with ice cream, but she did offer to give us a cold soda and told us how to take the dirt road up to the quarry.  We thanked her, declined the soda and set off for the quarry.  Along the way we met a man named Bill who has a house and dock a couple hundred feet from where we are anchored.  He gave us a lot of history on the place and invited us to stop by his house for an ice cream cone, as he had already heard of our plight.  Here is a picture of Bill's dock at our stern.  His house is not in the picture:

It must have been 80F today.  We are parched and tired from our several hour hike.  Maybe tomorrow we will go check on Bill.  There just might be ice cream involved.  Also, the community center has game night tomorrow 7:15.  We are pondering sticking around, unless we perceive the games might get too crazy. 

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