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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Deep Cove – Mahone Bay

Tuesday evening we took ashore a peanut butter chocolate pie to share with our hosts on LaHave River.  Goodbyes are sad, might as well sweeten it up.    

Our guidebook warned us to be prepared for a weather change as we departed LaHave River.  All we really had to do was just get past the cable ferry.  At that point, the winds increased, the temperature dropped and the fog closed in.  We had less than 1/8th mile visibility for the remainder of our trip to Mahone Bay.  Years of sailing out of Ventura, California groomed us for such conditions and the use of radar.  Still I was disappointed, being robbed of my view of the magnificent coastline.  Regardless of the fog, we had 20 knots or more, mostly behind us, and seas were 2 meters, or about six feet.  The next time we had more than 1/8th mile visibility was when we neared the Aspotogan Peninsula, a couple miles from the entrance to Deep Cove.  Better late than never.  Our goal in route was to make water, since Arthur was such a dry storm and unwilling to give up any moisture.   We made about 135 gallons at 85 ppm.  Cold water makes pure water.

The LaHave River is picturesque, I hated to leave it.  As we leave one beautiful place, I wonder what the next place will be like.  So far what we have found is that the next place is just as enchanting as the last.  Deep Cove is no exception.  Myron says it is like sailing on an alpine lake.  We have tall hills with evergreens and rocks all around us.   The entrance is almost fiord – like.

Eric and his son, Wade, were at the mooring when we arrived.  They were rigging a pennant.  We got our snap shackle on their line and they helped us put on a safety line from their speed boat.  We have already been up to the condo, chatted with Eric and Ellen, and made plans for Thursday.

We have no internet for me to post pictures right now, but I will try to rectify that in the coming days.  This post will be a day late.

Love to all,

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