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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Purcell's Cove - Halifax

Where did three nights go at Deep Cove.  We had a great time with Eric and Ellen.  Thursday they took us to the Maritime Museum in Halifax where we met up with Vince, and then later had lunch at the Bluenose with Sharlene joining in.  In an attempt to walk off a great meal, we hiked up to the Citadel, followed by a leisurely walk through the Victorian Public Gardens. On the way back, instead of touring Peggy's Cove, I was pleasantly surprised by the picturesque North West Cove with its working boats, and South West Cove with its castle.  We said our goodbyes after Friday's dinner, but it was not over.  As we walked down to the dock, the Deep Cove fireworks started.  Fireworks at LaHave (actually Green Bay from Crescent Beach) and then fireworks at Deep Cove.  I am sensing a trend we would like to continue!

For our trip over to Purcell's Cove today it was sunny and clear.  A completely different day from our journey to Deep Cove, we could see the coastline!  We were welcomed to Purcell's Cove by Dave and Vince.  Vince posted our arrival on Facebook before we could even launch the dinghy.  We are now having dinner with Vince and Sharlene.  I need to get this posted so Myron and Vince can talk charts and I can get in and help with dinner.

We are safe and sound and in good hands.

Love to all,

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