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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Deep Cove - Washabuck River

Baddeck is a handy place to get groceries, do a load of laundry, drop off trash. It is also handy for the fresh fish and mussels we can purchase at 'The Kissing Cod' fish market on the government wharf. We bought five pounds of mussels (for $9.95 total), a couple of pounds of fresh haddock ($8.50/lb), and some very tasty morsels of smoked salmon. At $14.95/lb, we only bought $4 worth of smoked salmon. It is still plenty of meat to put on the top of several spinach salads. Last time through Baddeck we bought a couple of pounds of fresh cod that practically fell apart in the pan and melted in our mouths.

We hit Baddeck on Sunday for the opening day of race week. Not on purpose, we just seem to have a knack for that. Live music was playing, the day's races were just finishing, and jet skis were tormenting the anchorage. The two large yachts anchored near us had tenders running to and from the docks on a regular basis. It was much more muss and fuss than we had grown accustomed to and made us itchy to move on.

Before we headed back to St. Peters, we decided to take a detour to St. Patrick's Channel. We were sure that the proximity to Baddeck would result in a number of vessels in these quaint anchorages. To our surprise, we were the only boat on Washabuck River, much less this pristine cove. I can see no houses on the river or any of the coves, as well as a clear absence of pubs. There is no reason to launch the dinghy, I see no place to land. But I do see several boggy areas that might interest a moose at evening and will keep an eye out. This is a welcome change from the busyness of Baddeck.

Our solemnity also means a lack of internet. This will be posted via Ham radio. I am signing off so I can go take in the scenery. We have yet to be disappointed in the views on these lakes.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham Radio.

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Carly Zaniboni said...

Are you guys making it up to Newfoundland or back down to St. Peters? Hopefully we'll run into you on the way down. We also loved Baddeck, super friendly people. If you have time pop into Maskells Harbour (around the corner from baddeck)we sheltered there for the storm that came through a month ago. Soooo beautiful! A trail heading up the hill opposite to the lighthouse. Just stunning.

Carly and Carl SV Salty