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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

MacDonalds Cove – Marble Mountain

Last night was a very peaceful stay.  We had a motor vessel join us in the late afternoon.  I was up at 5 am for the view, but no moose on shore.  As we left this morning, it was foggy and dreary.  By the time we were making our approach to Marble Mountain, the sun came out, the winds let up and it turned into a beautiful day.

There are a number of boats headed for St. Peters and the lock to take advantage of the forecasted northwest winds.  Bertha is on the outskirts and should pass by well offshore tonight.  It can sometimes be an advantage to ride a storm’s weather, if it is far enough away and you are on the correct side of the winds.  We are just not yet ready to depart the lakes and want to see our new friends again, so we will miss that traveling herd. 

The weather is so nice in fact that we talked about the possibility of a swim after lunch.  I will retract that statement if I see any jellyfish.  I truly never thought I would be relieved to see 70F water.

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