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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rogues Roost

We did not get to do any sailing today, but the seas were calm, what breeze showed up was behind us, and we made some miles. When we were just outside Halifax, we had a Canadian military helicopter do a fly over, then another, then another. At least 15 times they went over. I think they were using us for some kind of practice, and at the same time they were showing off a bit. Pulling the chopper up into a steep turn and running us down again. We are pretty sure we did nothing wrong to garner such rapt attention by the military!

We are past Halifax in a tight little anchorage called Rogues Roost (when we have internet, Myron will post the track so you can see just how tight). We came in and saw three sailboats snuggled at the end where we thought we might get a hook. We decided there was not enough room and made our way back out into the bay when some folks came up in a dinghy and asked if we wanted to raft up to them on the mooring. We discussed boat lengths and Hold Fast's impressive weight and worked it all out. Back in to the cove we went. We rafted up, switched the mooring harness to us, and we should be just fine in here even with the forecast at 20 knots of wind. The friendly folks that made the offer are Norman and Breezy on 'Northern Light,' a C&C 37 out of the Royal Canadian Squadron where we bought fuel when we were in Halifax. We continue to be blessed by the kind heartedness of the Nova Scotians.

The group in the anchorage rounded up some mussels today and want to gather to have happy hour shortly. I am completely unprepared but will try to whip up something. My biggest worry is staying awake since we were up at O'dark thirty and it was a long day. If the forecast holds, tomorrow will be another long day and then I believe the weather may force us to take a break.

Love to all,

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