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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shelter Cove

We are back at Shelter Cove. This time we can see all around - and it is some great scenery. It was another nice day of sailing. Very little swell. After anchoring, we had lunch, launched the dinghy and explored the beaches around this area. I do not believe we have walked on a sandy beach since our time with Simonne at Crescent Beach. We searched for mussels in the rocks at low tide, but to no avail.

We made it back on board in time for Myron to download weather faxes. He will request some gribs (for winds) when he sends this blog post on the HAM. It sounds as if there is a low coming by, dragging a cold front. That will make for some swells out there, but it should be manageable as long as we have favorable winds. As we finished up today, the southwest winds were getting stronger. Southwest is not favorable.

It has been a great couple of days, and I am thankful. I find it hard to believe the 'Shari sailing' will continue.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham Radio.

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