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Monday, August 11, 2014

Spanish Ship Bay - Liscombe River

On Sunday we attended service at our favorite church on the Bras d'Or Lakes. Then we moved Hold Fast through the bridge and the lock and moored her on the wall. Technically, we were out of the Bras d'Or Lakes. We relocated because we wanted a very early start, three hours earlier than the lock opens. We attended church again Sunday night, said our goodbyes and did our best to get some rest.

The wind picked up as we approached Cape Canso and it stayed on our stern all the way around the cape. We had the jib poled out and full main up. Who knew we would get to sail around the cape at more than 7 knots? Not only that, we had clear visibility of the cape again. We have heard that most sailors see Cape Canso less than 10% of the time. We are running at 100%. There was not much swell. Basically today was what we call 'Shari sailing.' The motor came on a bit down the coast from the cape because the wind let up. Off and on we were underway using sail alone, depending upon the approaching rain and thunderstorms. Our experience so far with thunderstorms up here is that they are not at all as violent as the Chesapeake and south. Down there, the thunderstorms move at 20+knots and pack strong winds and rain. Up here, we might hear thunder, never sure what direction, and then we get a little rain. The most we have seen the winds increase has been 10 knots. And I am fine with that.

We got to see much of the coast that was shrouded in fog on our way up. At one point, the sun was out and Myron yelled 'dolphins.' They are so fun to watch. But they were on the fish and had no time for us.

We were making such good time and the seas and wind so favorable, we continued past our intended anchorage at Fisherman's Cove and tried this new one at Spanish Ship Bay. It is very well protected in here, but I must say the entrance to the bay from Liscombe River is a bit tricky. The charts were good and we had over 20 feet at low tide on the narrow entrance. It is good holding, which always makes for a good night's sleep. There are several wifi stations in the anchorage, but they are all locked up. Myron will request weather again with the HAM radio when he posts this blog. If all goes well, we will be moving again tomorrow.

Today was a great day. I only wish each leg down the coast could be as good as today.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham Radio.

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