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Monday, August 18, 2014


I was sleeping so soundly until the wind came up about 3:30 am.  We were secure enough, but my mind began to play out another day of contrary winds.  Lockeport was quaint, quiet and friendly, but we did not want to stay another night on a dock without electricity or water at $0.95/foot per night. We set off shortly after 7am.  As we headed out of Lockeport, we saw five scallop boats working.  They move so slowly it is fairly easy to get around them.  The winds had turned WNW but the swell was still running SSW and therefore on our beam.  The winds on our nose were about 15 knots, sometimes gusting to 20.  Thankfully it was only a few hours before we were into Shelburne, taking a mooring, catching up with the gals working the desk at the yacht club, hiking to the grocery store and getting a lobster burger at Mr. Fish for $6 each.  While Myron changed the engine oil, I made humus and salad mix.  In summary, we are back to our routine, like Shelburne is home, although we will be keeping an eye out for a weather window to get back to PTown, Cape Cod or thereabouts.  I am sad to think this is our last planned port in Nova Scotia.  It has been a remarkable trip.
We have yet to connect with Brad and Maive to see if Myron is needed as race crew.

Love to all,

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