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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Block Island

We knew today's winds would be contrary to traveling to our destination. As such we were up early and moving in dense fog, before the winds got started. Again, we are thankful to be transmitting AIS, and for radar, and that we trained up in the fog from the beginning. We were at Block Island by 10 am, the winds kicked up at noon when we were securely at anchor. There are more boats here than the time of our last visit, but I have no doubt there are much less here today than just a few days ago. We watched a constant stream of boats leaving.

We anchored out and do not plan to launch the dinghy. If the forecast holds, we should have northwest winds to ride down to Cape May. We will let you know if we get underway. I made a roast for meals in route?just in case.

Love to all,

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