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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

San Domingo Creek

At Skipton Creek we had crabs every night except Saturday. The local recreational crabbers were out in force that day and we did not feel like competing. The rules are that you cannot put your traps within 100 feet of someone else's trap. The rules also state that you can only begin at 30 minutes before sunrise. Saturday's crowd did not adhere to that latter rule and there were no places left near us to soak our traps at the legal starting time. It was a rainy day anyway. Good for making some headway on my quilt.

The clerk was right in that we did not get as many crabs as last year. However, what we got was excellent. Only twice did we pull up a crab that we had to throw back (less than legal size). Only a couple were 5.5 inches, the rest were six or more inches and we had one that was eight inches and another just shy of that. We eat them for the taste of a sweet and tender white meat, not necessarily to get full. All in all, the six days on the East Wye were a success. I have really grown to like our new tradition of crabbing on the East Wye.

Today was a good day to run south. There were probably 15 other sailboats out on the Chesapeake that appeared to agree. A good number of them were running from Annapolis to Solomons, some kind of club. Winds were 15-20 knots out of the northwest. Only a couple of legs on our trip were nose on the wind, otherwise we made fantastic time at 6.5 to 7 knots - against the tidal current. When we were anchored in our usual spot, we put the motor on the dinghy and headed to town for a walk, the grocery store and a movie at Redbox.

We read on the internet that Big Al's was closed, permanently (not yet verified in person). This was distressing news as it was our favorite haunt last year. It was one of the places that was comfortable to hang out, affordable to eat at and we were surrounded by locals enjoying the same eats. Generally speaking, the remainder of restaurants at St. Michael's are eccentric, expensive, and the only locals we saw there were working. After a bit of internet searching, Myron found an affordable menu at a place called "Sam's." We may give it a try, or we may just purchase the ingredients and make our own fantabulous burgers. I am good either way, although I do find it rather nice when someone else does the cooking.

Speaking of which, I am going to close now and go do the dishes.

Love to all,

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