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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Skipton Creek - East Wye River

It was another nice stay at Harness Creek.  We got our chores done, such as laundry and loading up with groceries – including Old Bay Seasoning.  We tried to get together with Brad and Sabrina (Joint Venture), but that will have to wait for a weekend.  We were excited to get an email from Frans (Remedios) that he saw we were near Annapolis and would like to connect.  Unfortunately the Quiet Waters Park is closed on Tuesday, but we walked out to meet him and Liz and catch up (Mary was off having a girl’s lunch).  I love those little surprises.

We purchased two non-commercial crab traps from West Marine.  They fold down to nothing.  As to the floats, we are using an old float I found at Hog Cay (near Ragged Island, Bahamas) and we are repurposing an empty one gallon West Marine Exterminodor bottle.  I spray painted both white and will put Myron’s initials on them.

When we arrived at Skipton, we put the motor on the dinghy and zipped over there to purchase chicken necks.  The clerk said crabbing was not very good right now.  Wednesday is hand-line only day, so we will start at it early tomorrow.  Myron checked on the internet for local crab reports.  While there are not many crabs, what they do get are larger than last year.  We shall see.  Granted we are easily entertained, but it is big fun for us to catch anything and, as we have previously displayed on video, sometimes they get the upper hand (or claw). 

Hopefully we will have a crab dinner tomorrow.

Love to all,


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