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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Staging at Solomons

That was a very nice week+ at St. Michael’s.  We do enjoy that little town, even though some places can be difficult to reach by foot.  The only downside to our stay was that we did not get to see Ron and Pat or Brad and Sabrina. 

I wanted to do some more crabbing while anchored at St. Michael’s, but Myron was crabbed out and the crab guys were trot lining RIGHT BEHIND Hold Fast.  I mean it is a good thing that we had the dinghy on the side and not off the back of the boat.  This is the first year we have seen them in that close.  Just shows that the crabs are in shallow.  I have no idea what that means – possibly another cold winter?

We weighed anchor at O’Dark thirty (5 am) to catch the tidal current all the way out and down.  We worked our way out of the small tributaries to the Choptank River before sunrise.  Weather that makes for a beautiful orange and red sunrise does not necessarily make for nice weather on the water.  The forecast called for winds up to 25 knots.  Our early start got us into the wind before the seas were up much.  Besides, a northeast wind does not make that much seas on the Chesapeake, not like north winds.  We learned our lesson a couple years ago heading out the Choptank River in strong winds that were contrary to the tidal current.  Myron called that water ‘stand up stupid.’  Might as well avoid it if we can.

We were at Solomons before 10:30 am, waiting to get fuel.  After that, we found an anchoring spot and Myron was BBQ’ing chicken before 12 noon.  I love it when a plan comes together.

Not sure how far we can make it tomorrow.  Shorter days make it hard to accomplish the run all the way to Deltaville.  There are a couple nice spots in between.

Love to all,

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