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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Harness Creek

The cold front passed us by this morning, now the temperatures are quite reasonable. It also gave us a good north wind to run down the bay. Favorable winds combined with a favorable tide made our trip go much more quickly. Once we got south of the Bay Bridges, the sailboat traffic was incredible. We all managed to work around each other without shouting. I did hear some snide 'right of way' and 'learn to sail' comments on the radio, but none of them were directed at us. When we turned to come into Harness Creek, it was completely full of anchored powerboats, swimmers, and folks in canoes, paddle boats and kayaks. Rather than anchor in our usual spot, we moved up the creek to drop. Now our stern is near the Quiet Waters Park dock. Our normal anchorage should clear out around sunset. We may move back there tonight or tomorrow.

This is a good spot for us to take care of laundry, trash and groceries. The trash is at the park dock, but the others are about a 2.5 miles hike each way. No worries, we love the exercise and the hike is on a well built trail through the wooded park and we often come across small deer. The bigger concern is trying to miss the rain showers when it is time to lug the clean and DRY laundry back down the trail. It will all work out.

Love to all,

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