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Monday, September 1, 2014

Newport, RI

The winds were not very favorable today for making it to Block Island. We opted to stage in Newport, RI, and then move on to Block Island. We have a very short weather window to get south to Cape May and want to be at Block Island at the ready.

Never having been to Newport, we did not know what to expect. Ann on Jule III said they were the only ones here. I totally missed her sarcasm. There is a postage stamp space for the anchorage area in 28 to 33 feet depths. We found a section on the postage stamp and dropped our anchor, not too far from the high voltage underwater cables. This place is PACKED! Granted, it is the last big boating weekend. The great consolation about being here is the fantastic viewing of all the different types of sailboats. Some of them are classics in pristine shape. I love to admire them, but I have no desire to maintain them. Then again, all it takes is money.

We need to get rested up for our offshore trip.

Love to all,

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