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Monday, December 1, 2014

City of Cocoa

We did not hit it at o’dark thirty this morning, but pretty near.  First we tuned in to hear weather according to Chris Parker, but apparently he recently changed his schedule.  Will try again tomorrow.

Today we made much better time than yesterday.  The wind was out of the east which made for a nice motor and jib run down Mosquito Lagoon (aptly named) and Indian River.  We reminisced about our first trip down, the different places we stayed, how it always seems to be windy around Cape Canaveral, and how last year we turned to go into the Haulover Canal and it was log jammed with fishing boats that only got out of our way at the last minute.  We pressed on past Titusville, throttled back and were still doing close to seven knots.  I saw a dolphin jump completely out of the water to look at us, then it did it again as it drew closer and rode on the bow wake for close to 20 minutes.  Stuff like that makes my day.  And it makes up for the ‘in a hurry power boater’ that seriously waked us twice today.  I guess we passed him while he was refueling in Titusville, which gave him the opportunity to do it all over again.  Practice makes perfect.

But back to us…we made such good time, we passed up Addison Point and made it to Cocoa with plenty time before sunset.   Looks like we might go investigating the City of Cocoa tomorrow.  Dinner is done, soon the dishes will be as well and we will watch a show if we can stay awake.

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