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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Staged at Lynyard Cay

We did some last errands this morning in preparation to head south.  Low tide was around 9 am, requiring us to wait until after noon to depart MOW Cay and take the short cut near Elbow Cay and Lubbers Quarters.  One of the discussions during dinner last night with Barb and Barry was about having a Colossal Burger at Dock and Dine.  Since we had to wait for higher water, what better way to pass the time than to split that famous burger (besides cheese and all the works, it also has an onion ring, bacon and an egg).  When we got to Dock at Dine at their opening time, Judith informed us of the specials and simultaneously let us know they had no meat for burgers - the patties would arrive on the ferry in a few hours.  Boo hoo!  We had all worked ourselves up for the event.  As a consolation, we walked over to the only other restaurant on the cay and had a regular burger.  It was good and I was happy to have it, it was just not a Colossal.

After lunch we rummaged through the coconut piles behind Dive Time, ending up with a nice inventory of more than eight green coconuts between today and yesterday's haul.  Three were harvested in route today.  Love that machete.  We like to mix the fresh coconut water with a local ginger beer.  

We are hoping for 10 to 15 knots tomorrow out of the NE.  Swells are forecast at about two feet.  There is a chance of squalls to 20, but hopefully they will not form or we will be on the banks before they roll around.  Sometimes cloudy weather has a negative impact on our fishing results, but this time we will have out both a lure and bait (pre-rigged ballyhoo).  Here is to hoping tomorrow I get to write about cleaning fish!

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