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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wrapping Up in MOW Cay

We have truly enjoyed our time in MOW Cay, thanks to Barb, Barry, Jan, Jay, Uncle Willard, and the gangs on Taia and on Jasamine. 

We attended our first MOW Cay Christmas island gathering and were blessed by the generous spirit of all who attended.  We sang songs, several different pastors offered prayers, the kids got gifts and we all had plenty of homemade food to hold us off until an afternoon Christmas dinner. 

We had our Christmas dinner on Jan and Jay’s porch, while they were away in New Jersey visiting with family and the girls hoping for snow.  At least their dog got to attend.  By the end of the day, we were beat.

That did not stop us from going out and watching the Boxing Day sailboat race put on by Hope Town Sailing Club.  Barry was crewing on ‘Rage,’ a Bahamian family regatta sailboat, so he lent us his Whaler which allowed all of Hold Fast and Taia crew to go watch.  The kids entertained themselves well for the most part, and entertained us too.  But I must admit, with the winds so light, the day was a long one to ask of the kids.  The Rage finished first across the line.  We continued to watch at the finish line until the Morgan 34 from MOW Cay finished, after which we headed back.

Here is Matias during his entertainment:
The next day we were guests of Barb and Barry at the Hope Town Sailing Club gathering.  We went on to have pizza at the Harbor’s Edge, followed by a quick trip over to Seaspray Marina to watch the small Junkanoo that started at 9 pm, or mostly.  We are on island time anyway.  It was very brief and quite intimate as the dancers and players worked right through the crowd, even dancing with some bystanders - that would be you Barry.  Their coach, who was in regular clothes, would direct the crowd to get out of the way as only a generously sized Bahamian woman can do.

The gang on Taia left Saturday, but not before kindly leaving behind three conch of Ernesto’s catch.  The kids were apparently worried about us not knowing their gift was left behind as they prepared messages for us, pointing to the swim ladder where the conch were hung.  The kids also managed to include some Myron quotes in their notes.  Can you guess which are his quotes?

We are always sad to see our time of visiting come to an end.  That sorrow is held at bay as we look forward to our next place of arrival.  And we also hope to catch fish along the way!

Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Love to call,

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Wayne said...

Dena and Myron: Happy New Year! Looks like you're having fun.

Good news for us - We have finally resolved the title issue with our boat and we plan on being on board January 7th. That will put us in the Bahamas mid to late March. Hope to see you then.