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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Vero Beach Mooring

We arrived at Vero Beach about 11 am, topped off with diesel and water and took a mooring.  We launched the dinghy and were on the bus to the grocery store by noon and back by about 1:30, yet to have eaten a bite all day.  A quick lunch and a short rest and we were off to do more chores, including a couple loads of laundry.  There was also a social gathering at the gazebo.  By the time we finished and returned to the boat, I was ready for a shower, dinner and bed.  I have yet to put away the clean clothes - but I wanted to get out this post.

We will catch the weather in the morning.  The forecast will not settle down, even three days out has been changing day by day.  There is always the possibility we may only be here one night.  We are rafted with a French Canadian couple, I cannot even spell the boat name, much less pronounce it.  There were kind enough to chat with us in English.  

I am glad to be on a mooring tonight and in this protected cove.  It is getting quite stormy outside and the rain is really coming down.

Love to all,

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