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Friday, January 9, 2015

Anchored at Norman’s

We had a bit of a blow out of the north and northeast yesterday.  It was Camila’s birthday, and what better way to top off the day than go hang out at the gazebo by the Ocean Hole and have cake and lemonade.  Pink butterfly cake too!  Camila was happy because there were other kids in the Rock Sound anchorage.  Three girls to be exact, two French girls and an American.  Matias managed to have fun anyway.

Based upon the wind forecast and what we could get of the wave height, we expected today to be the best day over the next week to make a fishing trip from Eleuthera to Norman’s Cay.  The weatherman called for squalls, instead we had beautiful sunny weather.  Mostly the seas were under three feet, even under two feet.  Occasionally a steep pair of waves from the southeast would toss us about, but it was otherwise a typical rolling downwind sail.  We had nice wind for most of the passage, although it did begin to fade away on us during the last 15 miles and was under 10 knots by the time we got to the cut.  We entered after 3 pm, on the last of the ebb tide.  Hey, better than hitting the full ebb with 20 knots of winds against it!

We caught our first fish of the season:  a 52” female mahi mahi.  Some of it has already been shared with Tim and Joanne on ‘Expatriot,’ a Morgan 384.  We found them anchored here upon our arrival and are glad they made the effort to come over in their dinghy, as we did not feel like advertising (via yelling or the radio) that we were giving away fish!  It made a tasty meal for us as well tonight and we are both ready for an early turn out.

I would like to catch more fish before we leave this area, but that is up to the grace of God.  We are thankful for His provision.

Love to all,

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