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Monday, January 19, 2015

Lee Stocking Island

That little, and I mean little, anchoring spot last night worked out just fine since the wind came on suddenly out of the north and not the west.  We did get a surge from the opening near us, but it was mostly on a flood tide.  The current runs through that spot, as a result we hung out over our anchor.  Once the wind kicked up, Hold Fast danced around but only on her own stage.  She left her anchoring partners alone.  We are so much more affected by current than the fin keel boats and the little catamaran that were around us.  She sails against the current to the end of her leash, like she has a mind of her own.  It is as if she is making a social call to the other boats, saying hello.  I am sure that is not their perspective.

We tried to get out Galliot Cut at slack tide, but listening to weather delayed us.  I must say, with 15 to 20 knots out of the NNE and the beginning of an ebb tide, it was our roughest transit through Galliot Cut yet.   We were the first boat out and observed carefully.  Three boats came out after us.  Once on course, we had a reefed main as it was mostly a jib run down to Adderly Cut, averaging about seven knots. I could make coffee, but it was not easy.

Adderly Cut faces ESE therefore we expected a better ride in.  Regardless, winds like these with an ebb tide are reason enough to stay alert.  Myron hugged the corner of Adderly Cay which kept us out of the main ebb.  We had a few sharp three to four footers that pushed us around.  Between the sails and the engine, we got ‘er done.  What a pleasure to be inside again!

Our entrance was again carefully observed.  It is difficult to judge whether another boat would respond similar to Hold Fast, at 15 tons gross, with a modified full keel, a custom rudder and 80 ponies in the engine.  They must have learned from Galliot Cut that Hold Fast is a bit of a beast or that we are a bit crazy.  No one followed us in.

Time for us to see if anyone is still allowed on this private island.  I was hoping for some coconuts.

Love to all,


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