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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Anchored at Sand Dollar Beach

That was our best stay ever (to nearly quote Sponge Bob) at Lee Stocking Island.  The weather cooperated such that we could circumnavigate many of the surrounding islands in our dinghy and explore to our hearts content.  With the help of directions from others we found a vertical cave that was gushing water out with the tide, and a river into a salt pond that we walked up on an ebb tide.  It was quite a workout but a beautiful snorkeling view of fish in the mangroves on the drift out.  We met a couple from Florida, Greg and Ann, doing a kayak trip out of Odi Creek on Barraterra.  Greg was the one with the tip on the vertical cave.

We arrived at Georgetown yesterday about noon.  Had a quick lunch and nap, then set off for our favorite path to the beach on the Exuma Sound side.  A couple hours of swimming and walking were just what we needed.  We met up with the Taia and Skylark gangs on Volleyball Beach, at which point we were invited to have cake on Skylark to celebrate Eleanor’s 9th birthday.  We were relieved to discover that Skylark’s dinghy engine was still intact and did not hear more from Hana planning its demise.  Our new discovery is that Hana likes to hug, vigorously.  Hugging Hana I now call her.  Enjoy it while it lasts, there will be a day soon enough when she outgrows it.

The weather is forecast to have a westerly component for about a three day period beginning Saturday, with the probability of some strong fronts coming through shortly afterward.  I imagine we will hang out here until the weather pattern changes and we can move southward to less protected anchorages.

Tonight, if the weather allows, we plan to meet up with Greg and Ann in Georgetown and walk down to the Friday Fish Fry.  It will not be the same as Friday night pizza at Moon River, but what is.  They had pesto pizza on board with us Wednesday night before we parted ways and then gave us a bunch of meals they were not taking back on the plane.  Meeting new people is one of the biggest joys of cruising, next to reuniting with old friends.

Love to all,

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