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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Near Galliot Cut

We had a great time with the Australian youngsters, Mark and Tie, on a long dinghy ride north, all the way up to the coral aquarium at Cambridge. Over 20 miles roundtrip. We also dove on the plane wreck near the aquarium. There was a smart current moving along, so when we finished that adventure, I could tell I was probably done for the day. They still had energy to burn. We found a beach and had lunch and then parted ways shortly after that. In the Pipe Cays on our way back, we visited with Vic and GG on Salty Turtle. We waved at the youngsters as they drove by, but they did not see us.

We also had a nice grotto dive with Stuart, Louis, Eleanor and Hana on Skylark. The two young girls had us entertained most of the time. We had given Louis (mom) and Eleanor a ride in our 'go fast' dinghy and then Hana wanted the next ride. She told daddy she wanted an engine like ours. Mom said not until their current engine quit working. Hana immediately began scheming the demise of that poor little engine, even suggesting they just drop it in the water.

Back at Big Majors, we were joined by Chris and Craig on Tilt before the frontal passage, which we rode out at Big Majors. Then we headed over to Black Point on Saturday so I could address a couple mountains of laundry. I also took the opportunity to download the new 2014 tax forms. I do not relish that horrible chore in my life.

After attending church today, where Terrence (Ida's husband) is still interim pastor, we buttoned up the dinghy and set out for points south. Preferably to some place that will afford us some protection for tonight's frontal passage. We hope this will do the trick and so do five other boats anchored near us.

Love to all,

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