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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Feeding Pigs at Big Majors Spot

There is something going on at Norman’s Cay.  Not the Carlos Lehder drug smuggling type of stuff from the 1970’s, rather it would appear they are literally digging out a marina on the island.  Private or not, we shall find out soon enough.

During our stay at Norman's, we went out fishing once and were skunked all day.  We had turned toward the cut and I was reeling in the gear when the reel went off beyond the brake I set.  A wahoo puts up a good fight and indeed it was a wahoo.  Then the other reel went off and Myron pulled in a small mahi mahi.  We let the mahi go since it was under three feet, but kept the wahoo, a bit over three feet.  While smaller than our previous wahoo catches, it still dressed out to several steaks.  A fish meal everyday is not something we take for granted.  It is hard work and we are not always so blessed.  We thank God.  He has provided, again.

Today we moved down to Big Majors Spot, also known as ‘Pig’s Beach.’  I saved up some veggie scraps and there were several huge and happy snorting recipients.  There must have been a dozen or more piglets.  They are so cute to watch.  Myron, the pig whisperer, picked up several piglets until he found a few that did not engage in such squeals as to bring big momma running.  Camila wanted to hold one.  She got to hold two.  Another moment to regret that I had no camera with me.

We met a nice couple from Australia, Mark and Rie, who are here on land for the next couple of days.  They were out in a rented boat and stopped by Hold Fast after meeting us on Pigs Beach.  Myron gave them some sites to boat to as well as the location of the coral aquarium.  Tomorrow we planned to do some scouting in the dinghy south of here, yet I am tempted to go north with them dive the coral.  Decisions.

It was nice to visit with the gang from Taia today, and from Julianna II (CS36), and meet the folks on Skylark, a catamaran.  Our encounter with Taia today was brief.  They plan to leave tomorrow.  We want more time in the Exumas, so I expect the next place we will see them is Georgetown before they head for the Virgin Islands.

We took the dinghy over to Isles General store today.  I guess the reason there are no prices on anything is because we would never pick it up and take it to the counter.  We got two tomatoes, a three pack of yeast, a dozen eggs and two ice cream bars.  The total was over $16.  The only item I knew the price of when I went to the counter was the eggs:  $3.95 (before 7.5% VAT).  I will let you work on the math on the cost of the other items.  Oy!  Yes, we thank God He provides fish.

Love to all,

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