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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Change of Plans – Now In Rock Sound

If you noticed, we updated our last post about the moorings in Hatchet Bay.  Francis at Front Porch/Back Porch Restaurant insists those are his private moorings.  Fine.  We moved off.  We do not mind anchoring out, that is not the issue.  The reason we left is due to his ranting, cursing, and angry statements he was making about white people.  We had concerns about the safety of our unattended dinghy and even Hold Fast.  We let the principal know and hope things are calmed down when we return, Lord willing, in April.

Today our goal was Governor’s Harbor, specifically an extremely affordable lunch at Pammy’s Take Out (we actually eat in).  Even with the new 7.5% VAT added on January 1 to everything in the Bahamas, Pammy’s conch burgers are still $6.  I had the conch / peas and rice snack for $9, and Myron had the same with a side of plantains for a total of $11.  We brought home leftovers because neither of us could finish our plates.

When we came into Governor’s Harbor, I noticed five brand new moorings to the north.  We are getting the impression that the opinions expressed about foreigners who come by boat need to pay more is not just talk.  That sentiment is becoming evident by actions that may result in greater difficulties in some areas for boaters to anchor.  Granted, anchoring in Governor’s Harbor is difficult and it took us two tries to get a grab.  But now the space in which to find a good spot is even more limited.

Any hoo, we still think Governor’s Harbor is a neat place.  But as we returned from lunch, our chart plotter showed that Taia’s AIS was not too far away and we made a snap decision to set sail with them to Rock Sound.  It was a fun sail when we had wind.  “Shari sailing” I like to call it because she would like it.  The banks are so easy and the wind was only 10-12 knots on our beam.  When the breeze got below 10, slowing us down into an arrival time after dark, Myron decided make water and top off the tanks.  That only took about an hour, at which point the wind was conveniently back up again.  We arrived concurrent with Taia and they came over for a visit after we all got settled in. 

I do not know how long we will hang out here.  We are expecting a blow late tomorrow night that may last a while.  The weather man says these coming winds from the N and NE are the result of a significant high pressure area in Nebraska.  Unusually high:  1055mb, or 31.15 inches.  So they get a deep freeze in Nebraska and we get strong north winds.  Who knew?

Love to all,

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