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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Anchored at Deep Point

The wind quieted down last night and quit pushing us against the dock. By morning, a slight breeze was pushing us away from the dock. We called River Forest Marina to make sure they had diesel and to check on the price. Because we were taking on more than 60 gallons, our price was $2.49, the best we have seen.

By the time we finished fueling up, the winds were coming on strong, close to 20 out of the northeast. We pushed against those winds for almost six hours then called it quits at the top of the Alligator-Pungo Canal. Our plan was to stop at the top of the Alligator River in South Lake, where we usually go, and then proceed to Columbia tomorrow. But given the winds, why slog it up the Alligator River against them with the risk of a bridge closure in route? (Sometimes that bridge closes due to high winds) Further, the approaching low is now being announced on the VHF by the Coast Guard, so we have changed our plans to go west on the Albemarle and will instead carry on to Elizabeth City.

On the positive side, we saw a deer and her two small fawns along the shore of the canal. One of the fawns was jumping around like it was full of vinegar. I saw it jump very high once and land on its side, yet to learn its own strength. It was quickly up again and harassing mom and sibling. They are so entertaining and seem to have no fear of our boat passing by. Another positive is that with all this wind, we are not fighting off bugs. And finally, just after we dropped anchor we got an incredible air show. Two F15's buzzed us so low and so loud that we could not even hear each other's exclamations. They did five about five bombing runs in the MOA to the east of us. Even as I type this, we were just now buzzed by two more. F15's are so cool!

I need to think about fixing some dinner.

Love to all,

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