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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Deltaville - In Time For Lunch

Yesterday evening, the wind was out of the north making Old Point Comfort quite comfortable. We were surrounded by thunderstorms, so it was inevitable that one would engulf us before the night was over. Indeed, by 11 pm we shared one with Hampton Roads. It brought about 30 knots out of the southwest, 180 degrees from our original anchoring. I heard the storm before I saw the lightening. I was out closing up the enclosure when our anchor alarm went off. We were not dragging, just polar opposite from where we set the alarm. Hold Fast was true to her namesake and stayed put. It rained VERY hard, such big drops that I thought it might be hail. I tested my theory, but it was just big rain.

Myron was up just before 5 this morning and wanted to set out. We were anchor up and on our way by 5:20 am. We ran through about every aspect of weather today. The thunderstorms were still with us when we set out. After sunrise it was a few clouds with light wind from the NE. Then the wind went SW and we had fog. Just before 10:30 am the fog cleared and we had 12-15 knots out of the north. By then we were riding the tide up the Chesapeake, which got a little bouncy in the north winds. After we arrived, the winds died and it got quite warm. Now the winds are light out of the SE. Tomorrow is forecast for strong winds out of the north, which will cool us down.

Jean is out of town and will be back on Thursday, but Floyd met us at his dock. We managed to make it in time to go to lunch with him and John Melvin, and do a lot of catching up. They are so good to treat us like family. Hopefully we will see Floyd Jean tomorrow. John Melvin is having his tug brought in to the dock behind us tonight. We gave our friends anchored near us a heads up that the tug comes in all the time, they know what they are doing and are used to working through the anchored boats. In other words, do not worry, just enjoy the show. We are glad the tugs come in here, they help keep the channel deep enough for the rest of us.

We are here not just to visit, but to get a fair amount of work done. We still need to schedule our haul out, but it does not look too busy across the creek at the boat yard. I am not sure when we will post next, maybe if I get a break from projects and can share some pictures. Thank you for watching!

Love to all,

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