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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Belhaven - Free Dock

It took three tries to get a happy anchoring spot in Broad Creek, but it was worth it. It was a nice sleep. We took our time leaving this morning, waiting until after we got a forecast on that low. It is coming north and has the potential to come ashore along the Carolina's now, or going out to sea. With predictions like that, anyone could do the forecast. That is like saying 'it will rain today, or it will not.' We will continue to keep an eye on it. For the most part, it is simply having an impact on our winds up here and what days we can move north. We do not want to miss the festival in Elizabeth City, so we may just get there early.

The winds turned south today, not southeast. It makes it a little rough here at the free dock, but not bad for a boat as large as Hold Fast. We are all alone on the dock, but certainly not on the ICW. There were probably 30 boats on our same trek today, but they were in much more of a hurry than us. One of them that passed us was a PDQ named 'The High Life.' But I think it is spelled Hye. We were on that boat before when we helped Roger prepare it for the owners' arrival. Of course the owners do not know us, but we waved anyway.

It is a good walk to town from these docks. We are thinking about getting fuel at River Forest Marina in the morning, therefore it will not be a very early morning. We went in town to eat. We like to support the restaurants in the towns that give us free docks, encourage them to keep on doing it!

Love to all,

{GMST}35°32.53'N|076°37.82'W|5/6/2015|7:46 PM{GEND}

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