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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Change of Plans

We met Dockmaster Dave Saturday morning at the coffee shop. He showed us pictures of the boats that have visited Darien's free dock and he really enjoys meeting new folks. He and his wife caught on quickly to Myron's sense of humor, there were lots of laughs. They lived in Mexico for five years, so we had something in common in addition to boating.

On Friday we met a young couple in town that started up a large non-pesticide vegetable garden on their house property. They also serve the live flower market on Saint Simon's with large stemmed flowers such as sunflowers. On Saturday we returned to their down town garden, which they have named 'Coastal Route 17 Green Goods.' Ellery gave us a tour and cut some fresh vegetables for us. We got two kinds of kale; a couple bunches of broccoli and some beets. We are thankful to Ellery for helping us outside his normal hours. They normally have a weekly market on Wednesday's from 4 to 7 pm. They have a Facebook page Coastal Route 17 Green Goods where they inform their customers what vegetables are coming ripe for the Wednesday market. If you come to Darien, we hope you support them. If you do not have Facebook and want to make sure Ellery has vegetables ready, his email is ellerymayence@gmail.com. Enjoy!

Another sailboat joined us at the dock yesterday. We helped with lines and Myron talked with the captain (Bob) about navigating the Doboy Sound. Myron had already talked with a shrimp boat captain about an exit route and both his and Bob's navigation directions lined up. We like that. We are changing our plans from spending time in South Carolina to going offshore and up to North Carolina as soon as possible. The change of plans is due to a tropical low that is presenting itself in the forecast algorithms. If we get behind it, it will delay us substantially with more than a week of north winds, so our plan is to get out in front of it and find a place to hide up north, if necessary. As cruisers, we must be flexible with plans, if nothing else.

We are disappointed we did not get to visit the church here, but at least we got to visit the town and meet many new people.

Love to all,

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