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Friday, May 1, 2015

City of Darien (Georgia)

We had a good rest last night. The gusts of wind were only occasional and Hold Fast kept her distance from the crab pots. We were anchor up prior to sunrise but with plenty of first light to see crab pots and day markers. We left early to take a rising tide from our anchorage to the free docks at Darien. Even though we were about four miles from Darien as the crow flies, the winding rivers we had to navigate made it a nine mile trip. By the time we arrived at the free dock, the water had just turned around and was on its way out. That was a blessing as we are right next to a bridge too low for us to navigate under and we were happy to have the current pushing us away from it. Thankfully the current was not up to seven knots as we were told locally could be the case. Myron commented that if we stay here long enough, our ablative paint would come off.

A friendly man named Russell helped us with lines. It is a long floating dock and we could have managed by ourselves, but why refuse competent help. He is a retired shrimp boat captain and has been an interesting conversationalist. After we got settled in and cleaned up, we checked in with the Development Office. They ask for boat name, contact information and registration/documentation numbers. This is a free 48 hour dock with - get this - water and electricity!

We have been warned to watch for water moccasins and cottonmouth snakes in these waters, especially at night. Apparently they get into the floating clumps of reeds which sometimes congregate near the floating docks, giving the snakes an opportunity to wiggle into the community. To our boater friends when passing through Georgia: please be aware of this habitat for snakes if you find yourself needing to clear organic flotsam away from the anchor chain or pull a line out of the water that has fallen from the boat or dock. When we boated in Arizona, we occasionally saw rattle snakes swimming on the lake. It is always a good idea to be aware of your environment.

Speaking of which, we are watching the forecast for a possible tropical low that could develop in the Bahamas. I wish it was passing by outside right now while we are safely tucked up here. But alas, we will need to move on and deal with it somewhere else. *SIGH* It is only May 1.

It feels good to step off the boat and take a walk. I expect more of those to come. We grabbed a self-guided walking tour map. It notes that "the City of Darien was established in 1736 as a military outpost by Scottish Highlanders under the command of General James Ogelthorpe, making this historic town the second-oldest planned town in Georgia." The weather could not be more perfect - cool and sunny. We are protected at the docks from the northwest winds. We have already met the ladies working at the coffee shop and met a few folks at B&J's Seafood restaurant. It is family seating and packed house, rather difficult not to meet people. Unfortunately, we are here before the full open season for shrimp, which makes the prices a little higher. When we returned to the docks from our walk, there were a few fellows imbibing refreshments from paper bags. They ended up being quite harmless and were happy to know our story and have us know theirs. So far we are enjoying this out of the way stop and would recommend it if you do not mind going a few extra miles.

Love to all,

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