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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Black Point to Georgetown

Things do not always work out like we plan. On a sailboat, we have learned that we have to be quite flexible with plans. Bend with the forecast, or break. Bending sounds better.

We had hoped to be in Black Point for two weeks to help with math at school and the children's program with the churches. We arrived Saturday afternoon, attended church Sunday, dropped off donations Monday, and I did laundry while Myron taught math at the school. There were 39 boats at Black Point, and I think we were all trying to get our laundry done at the same time. Monday after school, we met with the principal, Ms. Young, and she planned to put us to work with some selected students on Tuesday morning at 9:30. Myron was checking weather at 2 am, however, and when I got up at 4 am, we worked through the new weather forecast and timing to get to a protected anchorage. All the forecast gave us for moving south was Tuesday, otherwise the winds would be right on our nose and quite strong. As it was, today's forecast called for light SE winds, but we would manage. We waited until about 8:00 am to drop off garbage and inform Ms. Young that we had to leave due to incoming weather. By the time we put the dinghy away and pulled up anchor, it was 8:40 am. We figured it was OK because we were going less than 30 miles to Leaf Cay, next to Lee Stocking Island. That was the new plan.

As we headed out, I began to ponder about the number of boats that may be seeking shelter at the same anchorage. I suggested we move right along to Georgetown if the water on the Exuma Sound was agreeable. Myron thought I was crazy. It was another four hours from Lee Stocking Island and we had gotten a late start. We went out on the Exuma Sound through Galliot Cut during an ebb flow. It was a pretty good rip, but Myron exited to the right of it as soon as we had good depth. We saw a boat going by outside. The water looked reasonable.

After a bit, the winds picked up, but not from the SE as forecast, rather from the NE. Fantastic! We were making great time, and we know Georgetown well enough to anchor in the evening. We got to Adderly Cut, the entrance to Leaf Cay and Lee Stocking Island - our original plan this morning - at just after 1 pm, but there was already three boats anchored where we thought would provide the best protection. Furthermore, there was a mass exodus going north from Georgetown and many were headed into that same anchorage. Myron was glad we were pressing on. I lost count, but I am certain there were more than 20 boats heading north. The Cruiser Regatta in Georgetown finished yesterday. That in no way means that Georgetown was emptied out of boats, because most boats are seeking shelter for the coming weather - just like us. We could see the multitude of boats as we came in Conch Cay Cut to Elizabeth Harbor (Georgetown). There must be 300 boats here!

For the first time, we are anchored off the town near Kidd Cove. We are in good company of 50 or so other boats and hope to be protected here from the SW and W winds.

Suffice to say, I need some rest. It is exciting to be back in GT, but Joint Venture, Straight From the Heart and Dream Catcher are not here. Maybe we will run into Eileen and Ed on Tropical Impulse or Wes on Moonshadow. If nothing else, we will just have to make new friends. With 300 boats, there is plenty opportunity for that!

Love to all,

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