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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Salt Pond to Water Cay, Jumentos

Today was almost perfectly still as we motored and made water for almost four of the initial hours of our trip, putting 163 gallons into the tanks. We were stunned at how calm the Jumentos were today and took the dinghy all around and through a cut. Not to last though. We are now rocking and rolling with a north swell wrapping around into our anchorage. I am glad Hold Fast is a big girl - I see the smaller boats rolling gunwale to gunwale. It looks like a whiplash motion.

We had dinner aboard Nancy Lu, the Hallberg Rassy 43, along with Bob and Alita on Discovery, a Hunter 456. As we prepared to leave, it was discovered that Bob's dinghy had somehow left the boat. We discovered this at 9:30 pm, VERY dark outside, and a lot of wind and swell. Mark and Bob set out to find it. Myron and I changed clothes to join the search. Mark and Bob found it slowly heading out to the banks. I was a miracle and we thank God!

It has been a truly full day! Hopefully we will get some kind of rest tonight and be off on another adventure tomorrow.

Love to all,

Posted via Ham Radio.

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