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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Norman's Cay to Black Point

We were not the only ones to seek refuge in Norman’s from the south and west winds.  Hold Fast was uncharacteristically on the move at anchor in the tidal current opposing wind.  When the winds got up to 20 knots, opposing the tidal current, she would sail at a speed of over one knot to the end of her tether, then turn around and race to the other end.  All the other boats at anchor gave us plenty of distance.  It might make regular folk seasick, thankfully not us.  I was thinking we ought to turn off the anchor light and turn on the navigation lights!

Of the four nights we were there, one of them was peaceful.  We were glad to see the winds go northwest with the promise of easterlies on the horizon.  We headed out Norman’s Cut this morning, offshore outside the park, and fished our way down to Dotham Cut.  All we caught was grass. 

Once anchored at Black Point, we launched the dinghy, went into town and met up with Ida.  The supply boat came in while we were anchoring, so there was no hope of getting anything done in town.  Restaurants and stores are locked up and everyone is down at the dock or dealing with the delivery.  We hope to catch up with Ida tomorrow at church, then on Monday talk with the school principal about teaching math.  The weather forecast does not look favorable for a long-term stay at Black Point, which is very disappointing, but we will squeeze in as much as we can while we are here.

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