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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hog Cay to Man of War Bay

There is a storm that just left the coast of Florida and is trailing a cold front that will reach all the way down here. As a result, we relocated to hide from the forecast 20 knot northwest winds, more if we get squalls. When we were anchored at Raccoon Cay a few days ago, we dinghied over here to snorkel and walk the beach, so we were somewhat familiar with the layout. After we pulled up anchor at Hog Cay, a French fleet of four boats followed us over here. We were the second to get the pick of an anchoring spot and now we have a total of seven boats here. I doubt more will come as most are settled in where they plan to ride out the blow. The plan is to move again tomorrow as the wind clocks around, probably back to Raccoon Cay.

Amazingly, we are still getting cell phone coverage, and pray that continues, as we are trying to take care of some things back home, plus it makes getting the weather forecast more simple.

Love to all,

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